Mar 28th, 2024
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Alphatrace is an intelligent dashboard that provides actionable insights based on top performers on-chain, with the mission to help traders discover trading ideas by tracking, analyzing, and visualizing strategies that expert wallets use in real time. 


Numerous data analytic tools permeate the on-chain market landscape; nevertheless, they often suffer from a lack of user-friendliness and actionable insights. Despite getting so much information, users frequently find themselves unable to distill this abundance into sound decisions.

As on-chain analysis remains a critical component in understanding and navigating this transformative ecosystem, one product is built to reshape traders' market approach by granting access to insights that were once reserved for the selected few.


Intro to Alphatrace

AlphaTrace is the on-chain smart wallet tracker, that empowers traders through real-time insights into expert wallet strategies. By tracking and monitoring “smart trader” wallets, users can discover new trading ideas, closely monitor gains, and seize the opportunity to adopt and replicate successful strategies.

With massive returns in meme season, PEPE, BONK, and FLOKI hitting mainstream headlines, the progenitor of all like DOGE and SHIB surpassing a market cap of 20 billion, it’s no surprise that the meme/shitcoins market is expected to be a phenomenon this year. As a product “by degen for degen”, Alphatrace is fully geared toward elevating the trading experience for all degen and meme traders.

Diversified Product Suite:

 Built by a team with deep degen-industry experience, Alphatrace is positioned to help degens spot gems and take actionable decisions with the following defining features.

Wallet Tracking


Net Worth & Ethereum (ETH) Balance: Users are empowered to observe the net worth of monitored wallets alongside their ETH balance.

Real-time Profit Tracking: Track any wallet's net realized and unrealized profits in real-time. Here, Alphatrace distinguishes itself by providing the capability to showcase the unrealized profit of a wallet, thereby offering users enhanced visualization and insight.

Daily Profit and Loss Chart: Access a comprehensive chart illustrating the daily profit and loss for each monitored wallet.

Token Report: Unrealized profit, realized profit, average cost, amount, total in USD, and transaction count of each token held are provided.

Detailed Transaction Records: Every transaction pertaining to each token is displayed, spanning from the initial to the most recent.

Wallet Highlights: Showcase tokens with the most substantial gains and top trades, aiding users in discerning the trading style of the monitored account.

Token Trading Analysis

The Token Trading Analysis functionality offers a robust toolset for dissecting token transactions. Users gain access to real-time on-chain buy/sell transactions from the Token Generation Event (TGE) onwards, along with the corresponding transaction values (Trading Value) across different time frames.


Smart Trader Feed

Instantly track elite traders’ moves & activities, copy top strategies, and view real-time PnL. Filter by token, and amount, and see what’s trending. Furthermore, you can expect to find new rising stars here by using Smart Trader Feed!



Cleverse Ventures is a proud early investor in Alphatrace, with the belief that the company represents a significant leap forward in the world of decentralized finance. Their journey through 2023 has been one of substantial growth and pioneering. Looking ahead, the product is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth as more degen users and meme assets are growing. With its innovative products, high-performance infrastructure, and a team of experienced degens, Alphatrace is on track to become the top leading destination for degen traders seeking a home.

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